Thursday, July 18, 2013

Motor Yacht Starfire is a 5 Star Palace That Floats!

Motor Yacht Starfire

Watch the video and learn what you can expect to experience on a yacht charter vacation aboard the super yacht 'Starfire'. A crew of 13 awaits your arrival and looks forwards to making sure you have one of the vacations of a lifetime.

BVI Yacht charters in the British Virgin Islands featuring skippered and fully crewed motor yachts. To charter luxury yachts for your dream vacation contact Andrew Buys at Barrington Hall Yacht Brokers on 800-478-2029 or outside the US on 954-720-0475  

Luxury Yacht Charters from, Guest Letters

Read what our yacht charter customers have to say our their experiences.  Here's one that came from a man 10 years after he sailed with us as a youngster. Luxury Yacht Charters from, Guest Letters

Motor Yacht Charters on private yachts around the world. Visit for detailed information. Call 800-478-2029 or 954-720-0475.

Sailing 6,000 Miles on a Catamaran Sailboat - Part 2

We had just left Ascension Island and were headed for Recife in Brazil. This leg of the journey took 8 days and 8 nights on our catamaran sailboat over open ocean waters. We experienced a lot of boredom as it was endless water in all directions and no land to break up the more by clicking link below.

Sailing 6,000 Miles on a Catamaran Sailboat - Part 2

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Sailing 6,000 Miles on a Catamaran Sailboat - Part 1

Here's an article by Captain Andrew on his sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from South Africa to the British Virgin Islands his catamaran sailboat... Read more by clicking the link below:

Sailing 6,000 Miles on a Catamaran Sailboat - Part 1

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Luxury Yacht 'Starfire' for Caribbean Charters.

A private motor yacht will be one of the most adventure filled, yet relaxing vacations you may have in your lifetime. We offer luxury yachts available in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mediterranean, Greece and all other charter destinations. Not sure where you want to go or you are not familiar with the best charter locations, then call Andrew at 800-478-2029 or (954) 720-0475 or email us with all your questions!